How to Delete a Sample Chapter From a Kindle or iPad Reader

by Carol Finch

Reading a sample chapter of an e-book is a handy way of deciding if you like the book enough to buy it or not. Once you're done reading the sample, you'll probably want to remove it from your device, as you won't need it any longer. Samples are stored in iPads in the iBooks app, and you can delete them in a few steps. There are two ways to delete from a Kindle, depending on whether the device navigates with a 5-way control button or works as a touchscreen.

Deleting Samples from iPads


Tap the "iBooks" icon on your iPad's home screen. If you have put the sample into a collection, tap "Collections" to locate it, otherwise it'll appear on the virtual shelves.


Tap the "Edit" button at the top right of the screen and tap the book chapter you want to delete. The image will gray out, and you'll see a selection tick.


Tap the "Delete" button at the top left of the screen. Select "Delete" from the drop-down menu to remove the sample chapter from your iPad.

Deleting Kindle Samples With a 5-way Controller


Click the middle home button on the 5-way controller to get to your main Kindle screen.


Use the controller's arrows to navigate to the sample chapter you want to delete. Press the left arrow on the 5-way controller when you have selected the sample, and it is underlined.


Select "Delete" or "Remove From Device" by pressing the middle home button on the controller. Select "OK" if asked to confirm the deletion and press the home button again to delete the sample.

Deleting Kindle Samples With a Touchscreen


Tap the "Home" icon on the Kindle or, if you are using a Kindle Fire, tap the "Books" icon. Find the sample chapter that you want to delete.


Tap and hold the image or title of the sample to open the options menu.


Tap "Delete This Sample" or "Delete." Finish the deletion by tapping "Delete" on the confirmation screen.


  • close If you delete a purchased book from a Kindle or iPad, you can always load it back on again from your Amazon or iTunes accounts. Sample chapters are not stored this way, and you cannot restore them once deleted. If you want to read them again, you'll have to download them again.

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