How to Delete Google Adsense

by Greyson Ferguson

Google Adsense is an advertisement system created by Google that enables businesses to display ads on Google-provided web-content. Google scans the content on the website to determine what ads best fit the content and are most likely to earn clicks. The Google Adsense account is linked to your Google Gmail account. Thus, the only way to delete Adsense is to shut down the Gmail account.

Open the Internet browser and sign into the Google Gmail account that Adsense is attached to.

Select "Settings," located at the top of the page. From the "Settings" page, select "Accounts."

Click "Google Account Settings," then select "Edit."

Choose "Delete Gmail Service," then fill-out the reason why you are canceling the account and click "OK." Your Google Gmail and Adsense accounts are then removed from the Internet.

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