How to Customize NetSuite

by Emilio Alvarez

NetSuite is a Web-based application that provides businesses with a range of e-commerce, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools. It is designed to help administrators, IT personnel and system developers make more efficient and informed decisions about their company, based on real-time monitoring of business activities. A number of components can be customized through NetSuite's interface.

Custom Categories

Launch NetSuite, click "Setup" and "Customization" and choose "Center Links." Enter a name for the URL you will use for the new category.

Click the "Add" button, then click "Save." Click "Setup," "Center Categories" and "New" to specify the role (such as Sales Center type).

Choose the Tab location where you wish to add the new category (Customers, Forecast, Resources or other). Enter the name you wish to display for the new category.

Choose the order in which it will display within the drop-down menu options, by choosing to "Insert before [existing category]." Click "Save."

Custom Layouts

Click "Setup," choose "Customization" and "Transaction Forms" and click the "Edit/Customize" button that corresponds to the transaction form layout you wish to customize. The "Custom PDF Layout" window opens.

Change the background or text color by choosing one from the corresponding color palettes on the right.

Choose a page size, height, width and margins by clicking the corresponding drop-down menus from each field, then click "Save." The "Elements" window opens up displaying all the movable and re-sizable components.

Click and drag any of the components to the desired location within the page layout. These include: company logo, form title, company name, billing and shipping info and more, depending on the layout you have chosen.

Add a new element from the "Add Custom Element" window, if necessary, by choosing from the available menu options under the "Selected Element" section. Click "Save" for all changes to remain for that type of layout.


  • check For extensive customizing, NetSuite provides a couple of software utilities, including the SuiteBuilder, which allows administrators to customize the dashboard, configuration of company processes, relationship and linkage between forms and more.

About the Author

Emilio Alvarez has a Bachelor of Science in computer science from San Diego State University and a minor in music composition from Southwestern College, San Diego. He has been writing since 2002 and has published short stories with Editorial Dunken (Buenos Aires, Argentina), where his work is part of a Spanish anthology: "El libro de talleres."