How to Configure Horde Webmail

by Scott Stanchak

It is important to configure your Horde webmail account for organizational purposes, as well as to make it appealing to the eye. The webmail service's setting options, however, aren't limited to just mail. Horde also contains a task list, address book and notepad, each of which is also customizable.

Log in to your Horde webmail account using your username and password. A Horde username is the full email address registered to the account. This is done since multiple domains are typically hosted on the same server. Select the language in which you would like your webmail to appear.

Select "Options" from the Navigation menu.

Choose which options you would like to configure. There are six main categories that contain settings that can be altered: Address Book: Column Options (showing which fields will be displayed in the address list), Display (default view and sort and paging options) and Name Format (how display names are shown). Filters: Block, file or redirect incoming email messages. Mail: Personal Information (name, address and signature), Server and Folder Information (mail server and folder settings), Login Tasks (customize tasks upon login), Message Composition (how mail is sent), Message Viewing (how mail is viewed), Deleting and Moving Messages (preferences for when you delete or move messages), New Mail (control alerts on incoming messages), Fetch Mail (customize accounts for fetching mail from external accounts), Mailbox and Folder Display Options (number of messages that appear on a page and how they're sorted), Search Options (message searching configurations), Filters (create filtering rules) and Address Books (how to add and search for addresses). Notes: Display Options (note sorting and appearance), Default Notepad (choose your default Notepad) and Delete Confirmation (how you want the "Delete" button to work). Tasks: Display Options (task sorting and appearance) and Default Task List (choose your default task list), Notifications (notifications upon new, edited or deleted tasks) and Delete Confirmation (how you want the "Delete" button to work).

Make the proper configuration changes. Select the "Save Options" button to store your updates.

Select "Horde" from the navigation menu. Your settings should be active.

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