Can You Do Video Conferencing Between an iPad & an IPhone?

by Jen Cordwainer

The iPhone and iPad come with a native video conferencing app called FaceTime, which allows you to have conversations with others on Apple devices. However, there are many third-party iOS apps that expand on this functionality, allowing you to have video conference sessions with multiple people at once, secure enterprise connections or an uninterrupted link for remote offices. These apps all use the front- and back-facing cameras on iPads and iPhones to get different views of conference attendees.


FaceTime Apple software comes with your iPhone and iPad. People can call you with FaceTime by using your Apple ID or your phone number. To initiate a FaceTime call, launch the app on your device. Select a call recipient from the "Contacts" tab or add a new contact by pressing the "+" symbol. When you press a person's name, your device will attempt to connect to her iPhone or iPad. If the recipient accepts the call, your front camera will turn on. You can switch between the front and back camera by pressing the swivel button during a call. Both participants must be connected via Wi-Fi or cellular data to make a FaceTime call.

Vidyo Mobile

This application allows multiple users to connect to a video chat, splitting your iPhone or iPad screen to show other callers. The low latency of H.323 standard used by Vidyo caters to enterprise workplaces that need an uninterrupted video conferencing service. Vidyo allows up to five people to join a call at once. While the software is free in the App Store, organizations must register for a paid account with Vidyo to use their video conferencing networks. You can sign up for a free trial of Vidyo on their company website or request a quote.


This unique application was built with remote offices in mind, using video conferencing technology to create a virtual portal between two locations. You can mount an iPad or iPhone to a wall, so that the camera is at eye level for people in a room. A Perch video connection is constantly on, allowing you to turn to an iPad or iPhone at any moment and converse with people on the other end. Perch will disable the microphone when your eyes are not pointed at the camera, so that your other conversations remain private.


This software is one of the very few video conferencing apps that provides group chat sessions for free. Up to 12 people can join a single video conversation. Once you select "Video Call" within the ooVoo mobile app, you can check off multiple contacts. Tap "Go" and your device will begin the video call. Your screen will be split between four views, but you can see the other participants by swiping the avatars at the base of your ooVoo window.

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