How to Build an Email List for Free

by Contributor

Creating an online email list is easy. Marketing your email list and website is one of the more difficult aspects of running your own email list. By using trial and error, you can find the correct and efficient way to begin creating and marketing your mailing list. By keeping your website up to date with fresh content, and catching your reader's attention, creating and keeping your current email list will be simple.

Search for a third party mailing list service, see Resources below. Open an account on one of those mailing list providers.

Copy and paste the HTML script that is provided from the mailing list provider on your website (if you have one). If you don't have a website, you can also include it on your blog or one of your social networking pages such as MySpace or Yahoo 360.

Market your website by exchanging links with other websites, using it as your signature line on message boards and adding it to the bottom of your emails.

Email welcome letters to new newsletter subscribers. Save each email subscriber on a list in your computer files.


  • check Keep your mailing list and newsletter updated daily or weekly to keep your subscriber's attention.