How to Add a Guest Book to Your Web Site

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Guest books allow visitors to your Web site to provide their names and e-mail addresses and leave comments about your site. Many sites offer free guest books that display entries for your viewers and allow you, the page designer, to delete old or inappropriate entries.

Check with your Web space provider to make sure you are allowed to add a guest book. Some free Web space companies do not allow guest books to be placed on pages they host.

Type "free guest book" into a search engine. You'll see a listing of sites that offer free guest books.

Read the terms and conditions of the host's guest book. Some guest books bar profanity, while others are for personal (as opposed to commercial) use only.

The guest book host will give you directions once you have entered your information and agreed to the Terms of Service. You will be guided through a step-by-step process to determine how your guest book will look and what questions will be asked.

Copy or write down the code provided. Open your text-editing program and place your cursor where you wish the guest book to be on the Web page.

Use the Paste command from the Edit menu or type in the information exactly as it was given to you. Do not make any changes.

Save the file and upload it to your Web site.

Go to your Web site and verify the guest book is there. If it is, click on it and create a test entry.

If the guest book does not appear on your Web page, recheck the code. It must appear exactly as it was given to you. Contact the guest book host's technical support if necessary.

Add a line to your Web page inviting visitors to sign your guest book.


  • check Guest book hosts will provide instructions for changing your guest book or deleting unwanted entries.

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