How to Add a Daily Bible Verse to an Email Signature

by Andrea Ruiz

Reading a different Bible verse daily is a quick method of reconnecting with God's word and gaining new insight into His will daily. Many people subscribe to verse-of-the-day services that send you a different verse via text message or email, and you can also visit websites that provide the same service. If you'd like to add a different Bible verse to your outgoing email, you must create an email signature and manually swap out the verse text each day.


Subscribe to, or bookmark a daily Bible verse service (links in Resources).


Copy the day's Bible verse to your computer's clipboard, including its book and verse number.


Launch your preferred email client or service provider.


Navigate to the signature settings. Typically, in Web-based email clients, you can find your signature settings as a sub-section of your account's main settings, which you can find in Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo by clicking on the gear icon. In Thunderbird and Outlook, you must modify the signature in the account options for each individual inbox.


Paste the Bible verse for the day in the signature box, formatting it as desired. Some users like to italicize the book and verse number, or decorate the text of the verse by making it a different color or font.


Add any other content you wish to your signature, such as your name and contact info, above it.


Save your signature, then open a blank email and view your signature to ensure it looks the way you'd like it to.


Change the verse daily, using the daily Bible verse service of your choice as a guide.

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