How to Wire a Cat-5e Jack

by Raul Avenir

A Category-5e or Cat-5e cable is used for connectivity between computers in a network. It has four twisted pairs of wires inside, which are colored white/orange, orange, white/green, blue, white/blue, green, white/brown, and brown. The wires in each pair are twisted together to promote noise supression. Although Category-5e cable has been superseded by Category 6 Ethernet cables, Cat-5e cable is still widely used by computer networks. Know how to wire a Cat-5e jack and increase your technical knowledge of computers.

Strip off about an inch and a half from the outer covering of the Cat-5e Ethernet cable using a cable stripper to expose the four pairs of twisted wires inside. Do not nick or damage any of the wires.

Remove the jack's protective cover by prying it off it from the top of the jack. Observe and notice the color-coded slots on top or side of the jack. Notice that there are two color schemes marked A and B. You may use any of the two (A or B) color schemes provided that the jack on the other end of the line uses the same color scheme. If there's a jack at the other end of the line, you should use the same color scheme at your end.

Straighten out the four pairs of wires and place all eight wires on top of the keystone jack. Divert the wires into their correct slots by matching each color-coded wire to its corresponding color-coded slot, following the scheme discussed in Step 2 above. Press each wire as far down into the termination slots as it will go by using the punchdown tool that came with the jack.

Cut-off any excess wire along the sides. Replace the top cover of the jack. Insert the jack assembly onto the faceplate from the back with the jack's clip facing up, until it snaps into place. Screw the faceplate assembly onto the wall using a screwdriver.

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