How to Track a Verizon Cell Phone Using GPS Online

By Michelle Carvo

Updated October 09, 2017

Track your child's Verizon cell phone online.
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Verizon cell phone users who want to track the location of their Verizon cell phone using GPS online have many options depending on the cell phone's operating system. Two services are free while one service is a paid add-on.

Verizon Family Locator

For phones without the Android or iOS operating system, Verizon offers Family Locator. Using Family Locator requires that you sign up for the add-on service and install the Family Locator app on all devices that you want to track. You can check Family Locator from your Android and iPhone devices using the app or from your computer's web browser.

Android Location Tracking

Android offers multiple location cell phone tracking apps using GPS online. The first is the official Google Find My Device app with which you can track your Verizon Android cell phone from other Android devices or from your web browser. This app is not installed by default on Android devices so first install it from the Google Play Store. The app allows you to play a sound even if the device is silenced, lock the device and erase all content from the device. This is handy if you are unsure whether or not your device has been stolen and you want to make sure that a potential thief cannot access your data. Other Android location tracking apps include Where’s My Droid, Cerberus and Pre Anti-Theft.

Find My iPhone

Apple's Find My iPhone can be enabled in the “Settings > iCloud” section of your iPhone. Find My iPhone allows you to track your iPhone’s location from another iOS device such as another iPhone, iPad or iPod, and also from As with Android, you can play a sound if the device is silenced, lock the device, and erase all content from the device. You can also set up an alert to let you know when your iPhone is found.