How to Type Vietnamese on an iPhone

By Contributor

Updated May 07, 2020

With the iPhone keyboard featuring many different languages, it's possible to text other users even when English isn't their native language, such as texting a Vietnamese relative in his language. In addition, changing your keyboard to Vietnamese lets you use the Vietnamese autocorrect dictionary and use Vietnamese-specific characters not available on the default keyboard. While every iPhone has the ability to type in Vietnamese, you must enable this language in the Settings application before you can use it.


These specific instructions are for iPhone 8, but should be very similar on most iPhone generations or models.

Tap "Settings" on your iPhone's home screen to launch the application.

Settings icon on iPhone home screen.

Tap "General" and tap "Language & Region," located near at the end of the list of options.

General settings icon on iPhone.
Languages & Region iPhone language settings.

Find Vietnamese on the list and select "Change to Vietnamese." This will change all the text on your phone to Vietnamese. If you don't want to keep it in Vietnamese, repeat these instructions and change back to English. This step helps add "Vietnamese" as a potential keyboard language.

Changing iPhone language to Vietnamese.

Start a new iMessage or go to an existing conversation. Tap on the globe icon at the bottom of your texting keyboard, next to the numbers key.

New iMessage on iPhone, highlighting globe key.

Vietnamese (in Vietnamese) will be a language option now. Select it and you will now be able to type in Vietnamese, and the iMessage autocorrect feature options will also now be in Vietnamese. Your keyboard language will now display previously English keys in Vietnamese.

Vietnamese keyboard language selected.


To change the layout of the Vietnamese keyboard, tap "Vietnamese" in the listing of Keyboards. You can change the software keyboard layout and the hardware keyboard layout by tapping the option you want to use.

To revert your keyboard back to English, tap and hold the "Globe" icon on the onscreen keyboard and select "English."

These steps also apply to the iPad.


Information within this article applies to the iOS 6 operating system. Results may vary with other versions of the iOS software.