How to Jailbreak Your LG Phone

By Michelle Carvo

Updated October 20, 2017

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Jailbreaking is a term that refers to unlocking your iPhone so that it can run apps that are incompatible with the standard iOS operating system included on the device. You can’t technically jailbreak your LG phone, but you can root it.


Rooting your LG phone may void its warranty or cause your phone to stop working completely. Do not root your device unless you are completely comfortable with all the steps involved and understand the potential consequences.

Benefits of Rooting Your LG Phone

Android is known as an open operating system that allows users to install apps from any source, in contrast to Apple's iOS which allows you to install apps only from the official App store. Despite Android allowing many modifications that Apple does not, you can customize your Android phone further by rooting it.

For example, with a rooted LG phone you can uninstall any app, including those that can’t be uninstalled on an unrooted phone. This includes apps that LG includes by default on the phone. You can clear up space on your phone and help you customize the interface.

You can also install apps on a rooted phone that LG does not officially support, or run alternative Android operating systems. These are known as custom ROMs and can bring functionality that stock Android does not have.

Root Your LG Phone

The process of rooting your LG phone depends on what type of LG phone you have and its Android OS version. Generally speaking, the process is the same across different devices.

First, determine your LG phone’s model number and Android version by tapping “Settings,” then “System,” followed by “About.” The model number and the version of Android should be displayed.

Search XDA Developers or a similar Android rooting forum for your phone model. Locate the instructions for rooting your specific LG phone on the forum. Make sure these instructions are for your version of Android because following the wrong steps can cause the phone to stop functioning correctly. If you are not sure if the instructions will work for your LG phone, ask on the forums about compatibility.

The root method can vary from device to device, but it generally involves downloading a tool for your computer to root your device, such as the LG Root tool. You install this tool on your computer and plug your LG device into the computer as directed to let the tool root your device. Note that it is recommended to back up your LG device before attempting a root as sometimes things can go wrong and it can cause your device to stop working. Most rooting instructions you find on XDA Developers will tell you how to backup your specific device.

You should never have to pay for a rooting tool as these are open source and provided for free by developers.

Install Custom ROMs

Once you have successfully rooted your LG phone, you can install custom ROMs, which are customized versions of the Android OS. As with rooting your LG phone it is crucial to choose the right ROM for your LG phone. You can find these ROMs on XDA Developers or another forum. Make sure to read reviews of the ROM to make sure it will meet your needs and that it is stable to use.

Custom ROMs unlock new features and functionality, which makes the ROMs an attractive choice if your current Android OS seems too limited. Reviews of a custom ROM will typically tell you about the new features that it offers.

Common features associated with custom ROMs include the ability to overclock your device. Overclocking means that you can override the manufacturer's speed restriction for your phone's CPU, making your phone faster. You can also underclock with a custom ROM, which means that your phone will use less CPU power and the battery which last longer as a result. You can also customize different aspects of your Android device with a custom ROM, such as the notification light's color, your phone's vibration, and the color saturation of your LG's screen.

Avoid installing the nightly version of a ROM as it may be unstable. Nightly versions are released each night and are not as thoroughly tested for bugs and other issues as stable versions are. Always install the version marked "stable." Follow the directions on the forum exactly to install the ROM on your LG phone.

If the installation fails or you just don't like the ROM you have installed, you can reinstall stock Android OS again on the phone following the directions on the LG forum.