How to Send Multiple Attachments on the iPhone

By Contributor

Updated May 04, 2020

When emailing a picture or video from within the Photos app on your iPhone, it is possible to multiple photos and videos as long as the total size of the attachments does not exceed the limit imposed by your email provider. As for other files, including Office documents, PDFs, and text files, you need to employ a third-party app to send these as attachments.

Photos and Video

Tap the "Photos" icon on your iPhone home screen.

Photos icon on iPhone home screen.

Select the album that has the photos or videos you want to email as attachments.

Selecting photo album on iPhone.

Tap "Select" and choose which photos or videos you want to send.

Selecting pictures to send on iPhone.

After you've selected your photos, tap the "Share" button and select "Mail."

Sending photos as email attachment on iPhone.

Your attachments will already be part of the email. Add the recipient's email address, a subject and any text you want and click the send arrow.

Composing email with photo attachments.


Information in this article applies to the iPhone 8 running iOS 10. It may vary slightly with other versions or products, but steps should be very similar for all newer iPhone models since 2015.