What Is VUDU?

by David Dunning

The media technology company VUDU Inc. owns VUDU, an online movie rental service. VUDU claims to be the only company offering movies in HDX format--the highest-quality format available for Internet delivery--complete with true, high definition, 1080p resolution and Dolby Digital surround-sound.


The VUDU service originally was available on a proprietary media streaming gadget, the VUDU Box, which could be connected to broadband Internet. More recent developments include applications for televisions and Blu-ray players that allow music on demand and social networking, as well as streaming video.


In October 2010, VUDU launched an aggressive marketing campaign, offering rental of 4,000 major movies for $2 each. This price applied to users of the VUDU Box as well as televisions and Blu-ray players with streaming support.


VUDU services are available without subscription. Consumers choose standard or high-definition movies to rent on demand and pay only for what they watch.

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