Directions on How to Use Your iHome

By Rita Ann

Updated September 28, 2017

There are many different brands of an iHome.
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An iHome allows you to charge an iPod or iPhone quicker than charging the device on a computer. When the iPod or iPhone is attached to the iHome, you have the option to sync your iTunes library to your iPod or iPhone in only a few minutes. Most iHomes have a clock and radio, and some include a CD player. It is easy to learn how to use an iHome and you can set it up, charge your iPod or iPhone and sync it in only a few minutes.

Connect the 100V – 200V AC adapter into the DC jack on the back of the iHome. Plug the other end of the adapter into a working wall outlet. A blue LED indicator on the front of the iHome should light up. This indicates the device has power and is ready to charge the iPod. If the blue light does not come on, try a different wall outlet.

Insert the iPod and iPhone into the dock on top of the iHome. Some iHome devices have two docks, allowing you to charge an iPod or iPhone at the same time. Turn the iHome on and insert the iPod or iPhone into the desired dock.

Sync the iPod or iPhone to the iTunes library on your computer. Connect the small end of the sync cable included with your iHome to the sync jack on the back of the iHome.

Connect the other end of the cable into an available USB port on your computer. Slide the sync switch on the top left of the iHome to the “On” position. It will automatically begin syncing your iPod or iPhone with your iTunes library on your computer. A message appears on the computer screen when the sync is completed. When completed, turn the sync switch to the “Off” position and gently remove the iPod from the dock by pulling it up.


Remove the iPod or iPhone from the case before attaching it to the dock.


Do not force the iPod or iPhone, or you could cause damage.