How to Download Movies & Burn to DVD

By Terrance Karter

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Blank writable DVD

  • Computer with DVD burning software

Movie format has come a long way since film.
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Movies, like music, are creative property. You can purchase movies offline, on a DVD format, or even find them on VHS. However, you can also download movies legally from the Internet and store them on your computer. If the movie is in the right format, you can also burn the movie to a DVD so you can take it with you.

Find a legal, online, movie download site. You will always need to pay for movies if you download them legally online. Places to download movies legally include iTunes, Blockbuster and CinemaNow (see Resources).

Click on "Movies" and then scroll through the various lists that are available online. When you find one to download, click on it to begin the process. For sites like iTunes, you'll need to log into your iTunes account to access the purchase section of the store. If a site does not require a login, it will require a credit card or other payment information before you can begin the download process.

Insert a DVD into the disc drive of your computer. The DVD needs to be blank and it needs to be a writable DVD.

Open your DVD-burning software on your computer. Drag the movie file into the burn section. If the movie is in a format that will allow it to burn on a DVD, it will drag into the section of the DVD-burning software. If it does not, it means that the format is not correct and you will have to watch it on your computer. Many times you cannot burn a DVD of movies because the movies are protected. But you will always be able to watch the movies on your computer.


Check the sites to make sure you are not stealing movies before you sign up or enroll in them.

If your computer does not burn the DVD, it could be that your computer does not have a DVD burner built into it. Check your computer's specifications.


Never use a site that boasts about pirated movies, or a site that lists newly released movies for free.