How to Troubleshoot Seeburg Jukeboxes

By Breann Kanobi

Updated September 28, 2017

Play vinyl records with your jukebox.
i Vinyl macro image by Pinkerator from

The Seeburg jukebox, like most jukeboxes, plays vinyl records. The jukebox was manufactured from the 1930s to the 1970s and is no longer on the market. However, you can purchase the device online or at antique shops. Since the jukebox is older, you may struggle to find an electrician or repair tech who understands how to troubleshoot and repair it. However, you will want to enlist the help of an expert if troubleshooting proves fruitless.

Lift the lid that covers the record player and needle. Lift the needle and place a record on the player. Allow the needle to rest on the record. Press the play button. If the record plays perfectly, the jukebox is probably running properly. If the record skips, replace the record with another record. If the second record skips, the jukebox is the problem, rather than the record.

Turn the power switch to the "off" position. Turn the power switch back on and press play again. If the jukebox plays the record correctly, there is probably not a problem.

Turn the power off. Open the jukebox's back panel. Remove any dust, dirt of obstructions. Remove the safety plunger by wiping it with a clean towel. The plunger is attached to the jukebox's carriage.

Close the back panel of the jukebox.

Adjust the jukebox's read-out function by moving the switch on the front of the jukebox. The read-out function controls the carriage and arm movement.