How to Skip Commercials When Streaming

By Pilar Ethridge

Updated September 28, 2017

Watch streaming video online without commercial interruption.
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Streaming video makes the Internet an interactive and exciting place. For instance, you don't have to wait for your favorite television episode to come on again. Instead, you can access the television station's online library of streaming video content and watch your favorite clip over and over again. In addition to instant access, streaming video is also convenient because you can skip commercials as you watch. Not all video online will have this capability. But once you know what to look for, you'll have no problem skipping through ads to get to the good stuff.

Select the video you want to watch from the large number of streaming video that's available online. If you have no idea where to begin, search a popular video website, such as YouTube, for things that interest you.

Look for the progress bar as the video you've selected begins to play. It should appear to be filling up or expanding as more of the video is downloaded.

Click and drag on the marker on the progress bar that shows which point the video is at. For instance, if the video just started playing, the marker should be at just a few seconds past the start. When you drag the marker to the right, you fast-forward to that point in the video. Each time there's a commercial break, fast-forward the video in order to skip the ads.

Find an option that says "Close" or "Skip This Ad" if you are not allowed to fast-forward through video. Sometimes, commercials are embedded on the Web page and you'll have to close them in order to continue streaming.