How to Set Up Sharper Image Photo Keychain

By Grace Restivo

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Driver installation CD

  • USB cable

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Digital photo keychains let you upload photos to view and share anywhere you go. With the use of a computer, selecting and loading the pictures on a Sharper Image Photo Keychain can be enjoyable and quite easy. The display menu allows you to view the photos as a slideshow, or you can manually scroll through each picture. Before you know it, your photo keychain can be loaded with your favorite photos.

Insert the driver software CD that came with the device into your computer's CD-ROM drive. If the CD does not start automatically click on the "Start" menu, "Computer", then the CD-ROM drive. Click on the "PC-AP-SETUP.EXE" file then click "Run." Follow the set-up instructions to complete the installation.

Remove the CD and restart the computer when the installation is complete.

Insert one end of the USB cable provided into the keychain and the other end into an empty USB port on the computer. A proper connection will put the device in "update" mode.

Open the Photo View application by double-clicking the icon on the computer. Using the program's file manager, browse and select the photos to import onto the digital photo keychain. Once a picture is selected, place the crop box over the area of the picture you want to see on the keychain and click the "Post" button (right arrow).

Select the "Synchronize" button after you have completed your selections to begin the process of uploading to the keychain. After receiving a message that the download is complete, disconnect the keychain from the computer.

Press and hold the menu button to power up the device. Press the menu button again, then the up and down arrow buttons to navigate the menu functions.


Do not connect the Digital Photo keychain to the computer before installing the driver software. Doing so may cause permanent damage.