How to Hack a PSP 3001 Series

By Lavonda Abney

Updated October 03, 2017

Items you will need

  • ChickHEN R2

  • PSP 3001 with 5.03 Official Firmware

  • CFW Enabler 3.50

  • PSP USB cable

You can download
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Hacking a PlayStation Portable (PSP) with ChickHEN and custom firmware allows the user to run homebrew games downloaded from the internet. This also allows users to back up UMD discs as ISO/CSO images and download them directly to the memory stick. The ISO/CSO games can be played from the memory stick without the UMD inserted in the UMD Drive. Once the ISO/CSO image is created, the user can store the UMD original so that it doesn't get scratched or destroyed.

Check the system software version by navigating to "Settings/System Settings/System Information." This process will only work on systems running official firmware 5.03. If the system is lower, update the system firmware to 5.03 (see Resources).

Navigate to "Settings/Retore Default Settings" on the PSP and press "X." Turn off "UMD Auto Start" and "UMD Cache" also located in the "Settings" menu.

Download the latest ChickHEN R2 for firmware 5.03 (see Resources). Extract all files to the computer desktop.

Connect the PSP to the computer via the USB cable. Open the PSP memory card and place the "h.bin" file from the extracted ChickHEN file to the root directory. Open the "SLIM" folder and drag the "ChickHEN" folder to the PSP memory stick "Photo" folder.

Disconnect the PSP from the computer and restart the PSP. Navigate to the "Photo/Memory" menu. When the "Options" menu appears, press "X" to open the "ChickHEN" folder. This should bring up flashing colors and the PSP will reboot into ChickHEN. Navigate to the "Settings/System/System Information." The "System Software" should now be, "5.03 ChickHEN R2."

Download and extract files to the computer. Reconnect the PSP to the computer and place the CFWEnabler folder to the "PSP/GAME" folder in the memory card. Disconnect from the computer and restart the PSP. Navigate to the "Game/Memory/CFW Enabler." When the CFW Enabler starts, select "Install." The PSP will reboot after installation and the firmware version should now be 5.00 M33-6. The PSP is now modded and ready to play homebrew and ISO/CSO games.


Modifying the PSP without experience is not recommended. The wrong modification could cause damage to the PSP system and cause it to not run. Some damage can be irreversible. Proceed with caution. Installing ChickHEN can take several attempts. If the PSP is reset or has a hard reboot, it will reboot in the original firmware and ChickHEN will have to be reinstalled.