How to Build Houses on Monopoly for the iPad

By Julius Vandersteen

Updated September 28, 2017

Play “Monopoly” against the iPad’s artificial intelligence or with friends.
i Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Download and install "Monopoly" on your iPad so you can take your favorite board game on the road. Apple’s iPad offers a 9.7-inch backlit LED color display and a built-in speaker, helping it breathe a little life into the game. The goal of “Monopoly” is to make as much money as possible and drive other players out of business. One method for making money is to charge people rent when they land on houses that you build on your property.

Press the iPad’s “Home” button, located below the device’s touch-sensitive display.

Tap the “Monopoly” icon on the home screen to launch the game, then start playing a new game.

Buy all properties for a particular color-coded location. For example, Boardwalk and Park Place make up all the properties associated with the location that is identified with the color blue. You can only build houses when you have a monopoly of all the properties that are part of a location.

Tap the first property on the location for which you have a monopoly.

Tap the icon of a house. A house appears on the property. Tap the check mark to buy the house. A message appears asking you to confirm that you want to build the house. Tap the check mark below the confirmation message to confirm the purchase and build the house on your property. The price is automatically deducted from your holdings. Continue this process for the next property at the location when you want to build your next house. You must build houses in parallel, such as one house on each property, then two houses on each property and so on. You cannot build only one house on one property at a location and build three houses on the other two properties.