How to Play RM Files on Android

By Melly Parker

Updated September 28, 2017

The Google Play store has apps from many third-party developers.
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An RM file is a type of video file that is used to stream content over the Internet; the "RM" stands for RealMedia. Some applications for Google Play can handle locally stored RM files, while others have browsers available to stream RM from the Internet within the app. Choose an application based on which type of RM files you have to play.

Moving the Files to Android

You can move RM files from your computer to your Android device by hooking the device to your computer via the charging cable and transferring the files from a computer folder to an Android folder. You can also download them or stream them from a website. If you have a wireless transfer method or a cloud storage app, you can also move the RM files to your Android with that service.

Selecting an Application

To play RM files, you must have an app from Google Play that supports RM files. There are multiple options in the Google Play store that support RM files. Look for an application that will not only play RM files, but also other types of audio and video files you use -- that way you won't have multiple applications installed where one will do. Usually applications list what types of files they can play in their descriptions on the Google Play Store. You can also go through screenshots of the applications to see which interface suits you best.

Applications That Support RM Files

One Android-compatible app that plays RM files is Flash Media Player by Chan Kool Cop. It automatically detects files stored on the device and has a built-in browser for playing streaming media. SuperPlayer Video Player by Jinrong Zheng has both floating and pop-up support built into its media player and it can also display subtitles. HD Video Player Free by October 31 INC can display more than 20 video formats and play more than 10 audio file types.

Playing the Files

Many RM files are streamed from websites and can be accessed only when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile data network. When you attempt to play a streaming RM file, your Android will detect the media and ask you to choose an appropriate app to open it. With Flash Media Player, for example, you can click "File," navigate to your file location and click the video to play it, or you can click "Online" to launch the browser and load a streaming RM file. If you use SuperPlayer Video Player, tap "Video" and then tap the video file the app located to launch it. On HD Video Player Free, click "Explorer" to find your local RM file and tap it to play.