Verizon Vs. Comcast

by Jennifer Gigantino

The product of a 2000 merger between Bell Atlantic Corporation and GTE Corporation, Verizon is a global telecommunications company that offers cable, Internet, wireless phone service and other utilities. Comcast is another global communications company that offers landline telephone service with voicemail and caller ID, cable television and Internet access.

Television Services

Verizon offers two types of television service. Its satellite service, DirecTV, offers over 200 channels, with optional digital video recorder (DVR) and high-definition access. Some packages also include over 50 Spanish-language channels. FiOS TV is Verizon's fiber-optic television service, which includes over 130 high-definition television channels and is available with remote DVR access, downloadable television shows and ESPN 3D -- the first 3-D sports network in the United States. Comcast's fiber-optic television service is called XFinity. It offers packages with On Demand, remote DVR access and the option to watch shows recorded to the DVR on any television set in the house. Additionally, 3-D television channels and On Demand options are included with any package that includes HD television access.

Internet Services

Verizon also offers FiOS internet, which is delivered to your home on 100 percent fiber-optic cable. The service is available in four different download/upload speeds that range from 15/5 Mbps to a whopping 150/35 Mbps. Additionally, high-speed DSL Internet access is available in two speeds. Plans include free access to Verizon Wi-Fi hot spots across the United States. Comcast's XFinity service offers high speed internet access with download speeds up to 20 mbps. It comes with Constant Guard, a suite of computer security programs that includes anti-virus and anti-identity theft utilities. In addition, XFinity internet customers get access to live ESPN sports online.

Phone Services

Verizon's 100 percent fiber-optic network also offers telephone service with clear voice communication, unlimited domestic telephone calls, caller ID and many other optional features. Additionally, Verizon offers simple, reliable landline services in a variety of different plans that include caller ID, voice mail and Call Waiting. With Comcast's XFinity telephone services, you can check your landline voice mail from your smartphone or computer. Several different plans are available, which include caller ID, call waiting and other features.

Customer Service

Verizon's customer service plan includes online chat tech support, a telephone hotline, an online support bulletin board and email support. Comcast offers customers a multi-part support guarantee, which includes a 30-day, money-back guarantee, an offer of a $20 account credit for service provider lateness and quick resolution of routine issues, and a promise to treat all customers with courtesy and respect.

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