How to Use Scottrade

by braniac

You want to try a little investing on your own but are unsure of how to do it. Here is a few tips to get started with Scottrade.

Start or register for an account. Fill out simple form on-line. You will need your social security number, Employers information and beneficiaries information.

After you have an account you will have to fund your account. You can fund in one of four ways. Direct funding Send check to branch office Wire funds Transfer existing account Scottrade does not except cash.

When funds are cleared you are ready to start trading. You can use the internet, wireless, or use a broker to make trades for you. Your investments are in your hands now, Start trading.

Choose what you would like to buy or sale and alls it takes is clicking a couple of buttons or making a phone call.

Research before you take gambles. Know what you are buying. Do not take gambles that will not increase your investment.