How to Use Final Draft Tagger in EP Scheduling

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When it comes to screenwriting, the most exciting part is when you actually get to make your movie. But, before you can yell "action," you have to make sure that script is properly broken down so that everyone on the crew knows exactly what they're doing and when they are shooting scenes. Here's how to use Final Draft Tagger and incorporate it into EP Scheduling.

Open Final Draft Tagger on your computer screen.

Import the script into Final Draft Tagger. Simple click "file" found at the top of the page and then "open" or "import." A list of all of your files (screenplays) will appear. Select the right screenplay and it will import itself onto your computer screen.

Select a specific scene that you would like to break down for scheduling. After the script imports, you will notice that all of the scene headings are listed in the top box. Once you select a scene, that scene will appear in a box below it.

Find the "elements" that the scene contains. For instance, rain or snow would be an element. A specific prop would be an element. Highlight those words and drag them with your mouse to the side of the page into a box that reads "elements."

Repeat this with each "element" in the scene until it is completely broken down. Then move onto the next scene.


  • check Prior to using Final Draft Tagger for EP Scheduling you will want to make sure types of elements are color-coded. This should happen automatically as you import the script. For instance, vehicles (cars, trains, planes) will be listed as one color and weather (rain, sleet and snow) will be listed as another color. This ensures that you will not get confused as you break down the script further and pass the schedule along to the appropriate department heads.

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