How to Use the Features on the Verizon Cell Phone

by Michele Martinez

The Verizon cell phone; like many other cell phones today are more than a phone. They offer many features that when you learn to use them you won’t want to do without them. Here in this article we explain the uses of some of the most common features of the Verizon cell phone.

How to Use the Features on the Verizon Cell Phone

Camera: Press the right side button. This will place the Verizon cell phone in camera mode. To take a picture click the “ok” button in the center of your key pad. To look at your pictures click “My Pix”. The option button will allow you options for taking pictures using the Verizon cell phone including color effects and shutter sound.

Video: Press the right side button two times. This will place the Verizon cell phone in video mode. To record a video press the “REC” button. This is represented by the “ok” button. To view your saved videos press on the “My Flix” button. The video feature in the Verizon Cell phone also has options. These options include front display which will allow you to take a video of yourself.

Calculator: The calculator is probably the most used feature of the Verizon cell phone second to the phone itself. To use it press “ok”. Move over to the “Settings & Tools” options. Move down to option two which is labeled “Tools”. Press on “Tools”. Move down to option six which is labeled “Calculator” Press on calculator and use as you would a normal calculator.

Alarm: Use your Verizon cell phone as your alarm clock and save some space on your night table. Press “ok”. Move over to “Settings & Tools”. Move down to number two labeled “Tools”. Press tools. Move down to number three and press on “Alarm Clock”. To set the alarm, move over to “Alarm 1” and press “ok”. Press “set” and set the alarm to the time you want to be waken. This alarm can go off every day at the same time if you adjust the recurrence.

History: Of course the Verizon cell phone has extra features such as computer access to download tunes, tones, pix, flix, games, news and info. Text messaging, drafts, voicemail, email, mobile IM, and chat. Contact list, speed dials, world clock, sound settings, display settings, voice command, notepad, and Ez Tip Calculator but probably the best feature of all is the history of calls. History of calls on the Verizon cell phone allows you to review who called and when, what calls were missed and when you spoke with someone and for how long. Easily you can call someone back that you recently spoke with by clicking the “send” button and finding their recent call. Move to it and click “send”. This allows you to make the call quick without having to search for it in your contacts. Clearly the Verizon cell phone has a lot to offer.


  • check • Spend time reviewing the other features of the Verizon cell phone. There are other features that may be useful to you.

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