How to Use Dragon Dictation

by Mandy Slake

Dragon Dictation is a voice-to-text application for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It allows users to speak messages into their phone, instead of using the on-screen keyboard. It's faster than typing out a message, and allows you to input text into your device while keeping your hands free. When you talk into the device, Dragon Dictation transmits the audio over the Internet, decodes it and types the text into the text editor.


Open the Dragon Dictation application by clicking on the icon.


Tap the red button in the center of the screen to begin recording.


Speak your message, then tap the red "Done" button at the bottom of the screen to stop the recording. On the iPad, just tap anywhere on the screen. A transcription of your voice will appear on the screen.


Tap on any of the words you wish to correct. You can also select a phrase by tapping and dragging your finger over the words. A drop-down list with substitutions will appear. Choose the one you want by tapping on it, or tap on the keyboard icon on the bottom left of the screen to bring up the on-screen keyboard and type it in.


Tap the icon on the bottom right of the screen to send the text as a message. You can send it as an email, SMS message, send it to Twitter or Facebook, or save the text to the clipboard.


  • check In the iPad, Dragon Dictation automatically saves your messages into a Notes file. Tap on the Notes button to open the list.


  • close You need an active Internet connection for it to work.