How to Use ConvertXtoDVD

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Converting video files from the Internet or other sources can be easily accomplished using ConvertXtoDVD. This simple program can convert many file formats to a DVD that you can play back. The DVD can be customized with a title page, menu, chapters and multiple files. You can also set the program to loop, auto start and single play.

Open ConvertXtoDVD on your desktop. The settings should be set for most of what needs to be configured during the installation. You should be able to start selecting and converting your files almost immediately.

Select the green button on the upper right side of the program box. This button has a white "+" in the center of it. When you select this button, you will be prompted to locate the video file you want to add to this project. Make sure that the drop box for file type is showing "Supported Files." This will ensure that only the files that ConvertXtoDVD can handle are shown.

Choose the type of playback you desire for your DVD. Sequential Playback is used for multiple video segments on one disc. You want them to playback one after each other rather than having to go back to the title screen to select the next video. Loop Playback will replay the entire disk as soon as it finishes. Finally, Auto Start Playback will set the disk to start playing the movie without going through the menu.

Customize the background or title by double clicking the name to type a new title or search the computer for a background image. After making any changes, click the small icon to preview the video. This icon looks like a small TV.

Pick the "Convert" button in the bottom right corner. Ensure that you have a blank disk in the drive before starting the convert process. The disk tray will pop out when the process is done and your disk is written.

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