How to Use Bible Gateway

by Michele Martinez

For anyone who has ever had only their Bible and a concordance to view and interpret scriptures, Bible Gateway will prove to be a valuable asset and time saver. This one site offers all that a person needs in the terms of research into biblical perspectives. For the pastor and the layman, Bible Gateway is extremely useful.

Go to the Bible Gateway website (see link below). Type a Bible passage, key word or topic in the “Quick Search” box. From the drop down menu to the right of that choose the Bible version you would like to read from. Click “Search the Bible” and seconds later the entire verse appears.

Type a topic into this search box and lists of verses where this topic is located will appear. You then can click on a verse selected in a particular book of the Bible and that verse will appear. You don’t always have the verse but you may have an idea what the topic of the verse is about. This is where this feature becomes valuable.

When you click on “Additional Resources,” you will notice that Bible Gateway offers other features. Click on “Use Audio Bibles” to hear the Bible read to you. Choose the version you would like to hear. Click the format and then the book and chapter. Click “Play Audio” and sit back, relax and listen to the speaker Max McLean read to you.

Click on “Dictionary” and you will have use of three different dictionaries. These are Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary, Hitchcock Bible Names Dictionary, and Smith’s Bible Names Dictionary. Typing a word or a phrase in the search box and clicking “Search Dictionary” will bring up the meaning of the word or phrase as well as different verses that they appear in.

Click on “Study Tools” and you will have access to Bible studies, devotionals, bible forum, excellent lexicons and more commentaries. On the Additional Resource page you can plan your Bible reading plan. Choose from four different reading plans: Comprehensive, Biographical, Survey or Chronological. Choose from the amount of days you would like to read the bible in; 61,121 or 365. Whatever you use Bible Gateway for it will certainly be of value to you and you will refer back to it time and time again.

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