How to Upgrade Your Verizon Cell Phone

by Contributor

Is your cell phone ancient? If so, you probably need to take some time to upgrade both it and its outdated plan. Follow these steps to find out how to upgrade your Verizon cell phone.

Take inventory of what you already have. You'll need to know what kind of phone you own, including the make and model. Most of the time, that's printed right on the phone. You'll also need to be familiar with your calling plan. Check out your last billing statement for those details.

Know what your needs are. You should make a list highlighting your needs and wants concerning a cell phone and plan. Do you need a camera phone? Is that a want, not a need?

Know what needs to be changed. Do you want to change your cell phone or just the plan? Or is it visa versa? Write this down as well.

Do a phone upgrade. To start a phone upgrade, head to the Verizon website (see References below). There you'll see all the latest phones available to customers. Look around and see what you like and don't like.

Do a plan upgrade. The website is also the place to start your plan upgrade process, as well. Most of their plans are located on the site. Look around and see what fits you best.

Go to the store. While it may be easier to do everything from your computer, it's very likely that you'll get a better deal from the store. Go to the store and talk to someone face to face.

Wait for it. Just relax for two or three days. This will give you time to think over the deal. Don't impulse buy.

Talk to another existing customer. Find someone who has the phone or plan you want with Verizon. Ask them about the pros and cons of that phone or plan. They'll be honest.

Go back to the store and make the deal. Try to talk to the same person you talked to before to ensure that you get the deal you wanted.


  • check Get everything in writing. Make sure to you get and keep copies of everything you sign.
  • check Use the competitor's deals to your advantage. Tell Verizon that you'll go to another company if they don't deal with you. Follow through on your threat if they aren't responsive.


  • close You'll pay so much more for an upgraded phone if you're not very far into your contract period. If you wait until near the end of the contract period, you'll save lots of dough. See the reference section to find where to get a customer service number.

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