How to Unlock G1 Without a SIM Card

by LaoA

Google Android phones (G1) provide many popular applications to their users. However, a number of developers desire to develop applications for the device without the assistance of the T-Mobile network. Though, T-Mobile prefers you to enter into a contractual agreement with their company to obtain cell phone service, you do have the chance to activate your G1 without a SIM card via a wireless network.


Go to the web page for Droid Developer's to download and install the latest Eclipse and SDK (Software Development Kit) on your computer (see Resources).


Open the software you just installed. Insert your G1 device in your USB cord and then in your laptop or desktop. Run "Android Debugging Bridge" o n the Eclipse software directly to your G1, and wait for the terminal window to appear.


Enter the command below in your Android Debugging Bridge: adb -d shell After the shell begins, type the command below: am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n


Go to "Wireless Settings" and turn this feature on to obtain wireless network access. Type in your log on data and click "Connect."


Exit the "shell" prompt on your machine and remove your G1 from the USB. Tap "Back" on your G1 until you arrive at "Setup." Tap this screen to proceed and ease your keypad so that it comes out.


Type in the sign on data for your Google account and then hit your screen gently to proceed through the process. Google automatically logs you on to your account. Follow your G1 prompts to complete the process.

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