How to Turn Hardware Acceleration on for Vista Home Basic

by Jason Artman

Many computer video and sound cards are designed to offload part of the work from the computer's processor when performing certain tasks such as playing videos or computer games. This is called "hardware acceleration" and it allows a computer to have increased performance in certain tasks without burdening the processor. Windows Vista Home Basic uses the acceleration capabilities of the hardware in the system by default. However, if you experience a problem when playing a game or watching a video, you can disable hardware acceleration as a troubleshooting step.


Open the Windows "Start" menu and click "Control Panel."


Click "Adjust Screen Resolution" under the "Appearance and Personalization" heading. The "Display Settings" window appears.


Click the "Advanced Settings" button. Windows Vista opens the properties for your computer's video adapter.


Click the "Troubleshoot" tab, then click the "Change Settings" button.


Lower the slider next to "Hardware Acceleration" completely to the left to disable all hardware acceleration. Alternatively, you might try lowering it a single level and then try to perform the task that is causing the problem before lowering hardware acceleration further.


Click "OK" and restart your computer when prompted.

About the Author

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