How to Test Cell Phone Reception

by Vicki Wright

Any time you change cell phones or cell phone providers, quality reception is always a legitimate concern. You can take advantage of your provider's "buyer's remorse" period of a day or two and test your new phone's reception easily. It's simple to do and breaks down into just five simple steps.

Charge your cell phone fully. If your phone is not charged fully, it may not hold up to the various calls you'll be making to test its reception.

Determine locations where cell phone reception is important or necessary to you. These places may include home, work, a friend's house and anywhere else you spend a lot of time. Additionally, if you commute a distance to work, various points along your commute are destinations to test your phone's reception.

Designate a specific phone number to call each time to test for good cell phone reception. This number should be a land line that is not prone to static. It should be a number where someone can answer and help you rate reception, based on the quality of the incoming call.

Drive to each of the locations you designated to test your reception. At each location, stop and make your calls.

Pay specific attention to signal strength and sound quality on each call. Ask the person you've enlisted to help how the incoming call sounds to him as well.


  • check Check your new phone's reception at places where you previously had low or no signal strength.

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