Streaming Video Is Not Working In Windows Media Player

by Greg Lindberg

With the Windows Media Player application installed on your computer you can watch videos from a DVD, downloaded video clips or streaming video online. If a video won't stream on your Windows Media Player, then a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) package enabled with your software most likely caused the problem. You will be able to stream your video properly after you disable the UDP feature.


Click on the "Start" button from your desktop and then click on the "All Programs" option.


Click on the "Windows Media Player" option from the list of programs and then the application will open on your screen.


Click on the "Tools" option from the top toolbar menu and then click on the "Options" button.


Click on the "Network" tab from the Options dialog box and then click on the box next to the "UDP" field so that it's deselected.


Click on the "OK" button to close out of the dialog box and then play a streaming video to ensure the problem has been corrected.

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