How to Stop Wmpnetwk.exe From Locking the Drive

by MichaelW

Microsoft Windows has many services running in the background at any given time. Normally this does not pose a problem, but sometimes certain services may tie up system resources and cause your system to lock up. One major culprit in this case is the Windows Media Player Network Sharing service, also known as "wmpnetwk.exe."

Windows Media Player Network Sharing allows you to stream media over a network using Windows Media Player. If you do not use this feature, then you can disable the service to free up system resources.

Open the Start menu.

Type "services.msc" into the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu. In Windows XP, click "Run" and type "services.msc" into the text box. Press "Enter."

Click "Continue" on the security warning if you receive one.

Scroll down and right-click "Windows Media Player Network Sharing."

Select "Disable."

Close the "Services" window.


  • check If you decide you want to share media over a network using Windows Media Player, you can re-enable wmpnetwk.exe by going back to the Services list, right-clicking it, and selecting "Enable."
  • check If you want to stop the service without disabling it, you can select "Stop" when you right-click it. The next time your computer restarts, the service will start again.

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