How to Stop a Telemarketing Auto Dialer

by Contributor

Telemarketers are types of marketing services that use phone calls to try to sell services on behalf of companies. Telemarketers often use programs called "auto-dialers." Auto-dialers are either software programs or hardware systems that automatically dial phone numbers in massive quantities and then play a certain marketing message to try and get consumers to purchase a certain product or service. Auto-dialers often have a robotic sound as they are playing a recording of someone's voice or using an auto-generated voice.

Collect all the phone numbers that you would like to protect from auto-dialers.

Visit the Federal Trade Commission's Do-Not-Call registry. A link has been provided in the Resources section.

Register every phone number that you want to protect from telemarketing auto-dialers. Telemarketers are required by law to check this list and are not supposed to call anybody who is on the list.


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