How to Stop Roxio Burn

by Si Kingston

Roxio Burn is a CD burning software program. To ensure convenience, Roxio Burn places an application on your desktop. With one click you can start burning without ever having to open a program from the "Start" menu. Since the application is always ready to go, Roxio Burn configures itself to start when Windows starts up. This adds time to the Windows start up process. You can stop Roxio Burn from starting by editing the computer's system configuration in Windows 7.

Click on the desktop "Start" menu.

Enter "msconfig" into the search field and press the search icon.

Click "MSCONFIG" from the results. The "System Configuration" window will open.

Select the "Startup" tab in the "System Configuration" window.

Uncheck the "Roxio Burn" program in the "Startup" menu. Click "Apply" and "OK." Roxio will no longer start when the computer starts up.

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