How to Spy On the Babysitter

by Contributor

Millions of Americans are using "nanny cams" to spy on their babysitter. The main reason for this is that spy cams are now affordable and easy to install. Most devices sell for $100 to $400. Find out how recent technology has made checking up on a babysitter as simple as turning on a computer or placing a cell phone call.

Visit your local Radio Shack or computer store. Shop around before settling on a "nanny cam."

Choose a spy cam you can afford and install on your own. Make sure to read reviews and ask questions about the device before buying it.

Check for the image quality by asking the sales person to demonstrate the nanny cam.

Make sure the device includes software that allows remote viewing from any computer or cell phone.

Purchase the spy cam. Test the spy camera several times to make sure it works properly before installing it. Follow the instructions on the package to make sure it functions correctly.

Determine where to locate the device. Choose a location based on common sense. Most people prefer to install the "nanny cam" in a teddy bear, clock or smoke detector. Try to place it in an area of the house where the child spends most of her time.

Access the spy camera by typing in a URL on any computer or cell phone. The software should contain specific instructions on how to access the "nanny cam" from a remote location.

Monitor the babysitter occasionally. Use common sense and avoid paranoid or obsessive behavior.


  • check Choose a spy cam that allows digital recording instead of VHS recording.
  • check Keep in mind that this method is not 100 percent fool-proof.