How to Get Spellchecker on My Laptop

by Jason Jensen

The Mac OS X operating system includes a built-in spell checker. So, whether you're typing in a simple text pad or a full-on word processor, your spelling is always being corrected. It's certainly a nice feature. Microsoft operating systems Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a similar feature in Windows Mail, but it will only spell check your outgoing emails. If you want a spell checker for everything on your laptop, there are a couple of third-party spell checkers that can be downloaded.

Spell Check Anywhere

Go to

Click on the "Download 7-Day Free Trial" button for "Spell Check Anywhere."

Enter your email address and name (optional). Click "Start Download." Spell Check Anywhere is only free to use for seven days. After that you will have to purchase the full version.


Go to

Click on "Download."

Click on the "Installer" or "Zip" link for version of tinySpell you want to download. There are two versions: a "totally free" version and a second version that requires you to buy a license. The "Installer" is an executable file that will install automatically when you double click it. The "Zip" is a zip file that you have to unarchive before installing. It makes no difference which type of file format you download.

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