How to Solve a C00d1199 error

by Cassandra Tribe

Windows Media Player is a program that lets you play your music and video files on your desktop easily. However, many users have received a C00d1199 error when they attempt to play their DVD files. Unlike many error codes, this one is not only common but simply solved. The C00d1199 error means that the Media Player cannot read the file. This could be from a common user error, or it could simply mean that you need to install a plug-in to decode your video file. You can solve a C00d1199 error easily using a few basic steps.


Ensure that your are attempting to open your DVD file with the right Windows Media application. Close out of Windows Media and then reopen the program and try to play the file again. If you receive the same error message, continue on to the next steps.


Read the information on the file you are trying to open, and make sure that your file is the only one needed and that it is not part of a series of files (like part 1 of 3). If it is a part of a series, you will need to download all of the files for your movie and then try to play the file again.


Download the InterVideo DVD XPack plug-in and follow the installation instructions if you are running XP on your computer. The InterVideo DVD XPack will decode your DVD and provide Windows Media with any additional codecs that might be needed to play it.


Install PowerDVD SE for Windows Vista if this is your operating system. This will provide everything you need to play your video files.


  • check Before you install the decoder programs, make sure you close out of all the applications you are running, including Windows Media Player, but keep your Internet connection on as the programs will need to "talk" to their sites to successfully install.


  • close Microsoft and other software companies are becoming much more adept at blocking pirated DVDs from being played on home computers and prosecuting people who buy them. Make sure the version you have is legal.

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