Signs of Telephone Tampering

by Chris Joseph

You might think that telephone tampering is something that only occurs in the movies or on TV crime shows, but it also can take place in everyday life. Jealous spouses or business competitors seeking to gain an advantage may tap phones in the hope of discovering secret information. A numbers of signs can indicate potential telephone tampering in your home or office.

Unusual Sounds

One common sign of tampering is when your phone begins to make unusual sounds. These can include static, scratching or popping noises while you're on the line, as well as unusual noises emanating from your handset after you hang up. You may also notice increases or decreases in volume levels while speaking to another party. When answering the phone, instead of a voice on the other end of the line you may only hear sounds, such as beeps or squeals.

Unusual Activity

Signs of unusual activity in or around your home or office may indicate the possibility of phone tampering. You may notice work vans lingering in your neighborhood or get unexpected visits from individuals claiming to work for the phone company. You might come home to notice your furniture or other objects seem out of place or have been the target of a burglary or break-in when nothing appears to be missing.

Too Much Information

You may notice that others seem to have too much information about your daily activities and events in your life. A business associate might mention dealings you've had with other clients, even though you can't recall discussing the situation with him. Certain friends or acquaintances may show up repeatedly during your travels without offering an acceptable explanation as to why they are there. Confidential information you've only discussed with one or two people on the phone suddenly becomes public knowledge.

Structural Changes

You may observe structural changes in your home or office or signs that unauthorized work has taken place. Plates covering electrical outlets may be lose or crooked, or loose wires may protrude from outlets or the phone jack. Unexplained plaster dust or other debris may appear on the floor near walls. The phone unit itself may exhibit signs of being tampered with, such as loose screws in the back or a protruding wire you hadn't noticed before.

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