How to Set Up Scrapers in XBMC

by Jaime Vazquez

Free XBMC -- also now known as Kodi -- media center software for Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems opens a gateway for viewing digital media such as TV, movie files and music videos. Within XBMC/Kodi, you can set up a "Library View" of your media, where the software downloads metadata about your files from the Internet including movie plot descriptions and poster graphics. To set up XBMC/Lodi to automatically download media information, use the software's built-in scraper tools.


Open the XBMC/Kodi software. Select the Video option to a view the list of all video sources.


Right-click the video source for which you want to set up the scraper. Click Set Content from the menu to launch the scraper setup screen.


Click the up and down arrows to specify the type of media files that are in the selected share. For example, if a specific share you are setting up contains movie files, select the Movies option.


Click OK and then OK again in the confirmation screen. The scraper automatically downloads descriptions of your media files from the selected source.


  • check Media scrapers work best if a source is a directory with only a specific kind of media. Before setting up a scraper, organize media files in directories by type. For example, place all music videos in one directory and all TV shows in another directory.

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