How to Set Up Voicemail on a Toshiba Digital Key Phone Model DKT-SD

by Chanel Adams

The Toshiba digital key phone has a 20-button display and includes features like a microphone, speakerphone, speed dial, hold/transfer, conference call and volume settings. The Toshiba phone also includes voicemail, which you can access once you connect your Toshiba phone to your Stratagy ES voice mailbox. You need to have this voice mailbox if you want to receive and save your voicemail messages. Unfortunately, your Toshiba phone cannot work without it.

Insert the telephone jack from your Toshiba phone into the jack output of the Stratagy voice mailbox. Plug the Stratagy voice mailbox and Toshiba phone into the wall outlet.

Look at your Toshiba's LCD display. It should display menu options for your voicemail.

Press "Add." Create your guest mailbox and message. Listen to your message and press "Save." Press "GRT" to change your greeting.

Press "Play" to play your voicemail messages. Press "Next" to listen to the next message. Press "Delete" to delete any one message.

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