How to Save a Video Frame as a Still Image in Premiere

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Adobe Premiere allows you to save a video frame as a still image, which you can then edit in a graphics program, print, or even modify and import back into your Adobe Premiere movie. Also, if you want to create an animation out of your clip, but your animation program doesn't handle QuickTime movies, you can export an entire clip as a numbered sequence of still images that can be imported into your animation program. These instructions apply to Adobe Premiere 4.2 for Windows.

Exporting a Clip as a Series or Sequence of Stills

Open the clip that you want to use.

Click on the Make menu and select Make Movie. A dialog box opens.

In the Output options, select the file type that you want to use for the export. Your choices may include targa sequence, pict sequence, bitmap sequence, tiff sequence and others.

Choose other options as preferred, then click OK.

Name your file.

Click OK. The clip's frames will be exported as a series of files. For example, if you selected the pict format and named your file Bird, the files would be bird1.pict, bird2.pict, bird3.pict and so on.

Exporting a Single Frame as a Still

Open the clip that contains the frame you want to export.

Place your cursor on the Location slider and move through the clip until you locate the frame you want to export.

Click on the File menu and then on Export.

Select Export to Bitmap (PC users) or Export to Pict (Mac users).

Name your file and save it in the location you want.


  • close Even a short video clip contains a great many frames; be prepared.

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