How to Rip Audio From YouTube Videos

by Amanda Kondolojy

Many times it is easy to find new music on YouTube via the related videos service. But many times the music you find is from local and independent artists, and it is difficult to find this music in any record store. There are a few websites out there that create low quality files, but a hack takes the low-quality files and turns them into iPod and Zune-friendly AAC files. Although this does not produce the most high quality audio files, it is an easy way for the non-tech savvy to get some good music.

Find your YouTube video and copy the link directly from the browser. Do not copy the embed code.

Go to and plug in the link.

Wait for the file to convert, and then hit download. Once you have it, it will have an obscure name with a bunch of numbers and in the name. This file will be unplayable in most programs and will be about 50 minutes long (no matter how long the song is).

Bring up iTunes. If you have another program that manages your files, it will not work, as iTunes is the only software with an AAC file converter powerful enough to handle the file you just downloaded.

Right click the file and select "Show in iTunes." Once the file has been imported, right click it again (in iTunes) and select "Convert to AAC."

Once you convert your file, you can rename it and then export it wherever you want. If you have the Zune software, it will automatically locate the file and import it into your library. If you have another type of software, you may have to import it manually, which will involve finding the folder where iTunes dumps your files and copying it to your current music folder.


  • close This method does not produce high quality MP3s and is intended for those who want a quick and easy method to rip YouTube audio.

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