Rhapsody DRM Issues

by Lee Johnson

The Rhapsody online digital music service gives you to access a library of more than 10 million songs in return for a monthly fee. You can use the service to buy and download MP3 tracks or stream music online without intrusive ads between each track. Digital Rights Management restrictions prevent you from using files on unsupported MP3 players.

DRM Authorization

When you download or buy a song from Rhapsody, you must authorize the computer or MP3 player to use the content. A common error message in Rhapsody is “Your computer needs DRM components to authorize this computer.” If you get this error message, click **Restart** to install the relevant components. Anti-virus and firewall software can prevent the process from working correctly, so you might need to shut these programs down temporarily.

Helix DRM

The “Helix DRM components did not install” error may occur when you try to install the DRM components. If this happens, ensure you have installed the latest version of Rhapsody. If you haven’t, this is the likely cause of the problem. If you have, check that your system’s time and date is correct. This can cause the installation to fail, so correct any errors. You can also try deleting the existing licenses and updating the Helix components. To do this, find the “Delete Helix Licenses” file on your computer, open it -- select **Run as Administrator** -- and respond **Yes** to the onscreen prompts. This will remove your existing licenses, so backup your files before you do it. Find the “Update Helix Components” file and do the same thing. Open Rhapsody and follow the prompts.

MTP Mode

The "Authorize Device" option only appears for compatible players in "MTP" mode. Set your player to MTP mode by selecting **Settings** on the player and then choosing **Mode**. Do not connect your mobile devidce to the computer to use Rhapsody. Instead, use the Rhapsody mobile app.

DRM Protection

Don't be tempted to removed DRM protection from the tracks because you risk falling foul of copyright law and this may also break the Rhapsody terms and conditions of use. Advanced protection techniques also make DRM removal difficult.

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