How to Replace the Printhead in a Hypercom T7P

by TomL

The Hypercom T7P is a product created for businesses that require a small POS terminal which accepts every magnetic stripe card as well as allows for speedy online transactions. It uses a SureLoad Printer that allows the user to replace the paper rolls easily. It also features bi-lingual display options and can show both languages at the same time. The Hypercom lets the user know when the both the printhead and the paper are running low to give enough time to plan a replacement and not inconvenience customers.

Disconnect the power from the POS terminal printer and make sure that it there is no electricity going to it. This will prevent any electric shocks.

Take out the paper in the paper holder located on the top of the unit. Place the paper on the counter next to the POS.

Grab the bottom of the the unit with one hand and the place the other on the paper holder to lift up the upper casing.

Take out the printerhead, which is now exposed at the top of the unit, and replace it with a new printhead. The printer uses a "Datamax - 152 DPI Printhead."

Secure the printhead firmly in place and close the top cover of the unit. Place the paper back in the paper holder and plug the POS back in to the power adapter.

Run a test transaction to make sure that the printhead is working properly.

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