Brother P-Touch 1280 User's Guide

By Mindi Orth

Updated September 26, 2017

Use the Brother P-touch 1280 to label your file folders.
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The Brother P-touch 1280 uses tape cassettes to create labels. These cassettes come in a variety of tape widths to meet your needs. In addition, the Brother P-touch 1280 allows you to configure the overall appearance of the label, including the label text size, style and justification. Once you design your label, the P-touch 1280 prints the label according to the print options you select.

Initial Setup

Before you can create labels with your P-touch 1280, you must prepare the device for use, which includes battery and label cassette installation and general machine configuration. Press the rough area on the top of the machine to open the back cover. Install the batteries by using the polarity diagrams inside the battery compartment to ensure proper placement. Press the tape cassette into the housing area until you hear it snap into place. Then close the back cover securely. Press the power button to turn on the labeler. Use the arrow buttons to locate the desired language, when prompted, and then press either the “OK” or the “Enter” key to select. Use the arrow keys to select the desired unit of measurement, and then press “OK” or “Enter.” Press the “Esc” key at any time to cancel the operation.

Label Text

Enter text on your P-touch 1280 using the device keypad. Press the “Caps” key to switch between uppercase and lowercase letters. Press the “Enter” key to enter a second line of text on the label. You must use 3/8-inch or larger label tape to enter text on multiple lines. To include symbols on your label, press the “Symbol” key, and then use the arrow keys to browse the available symbols. The 1280 includes 11 groups, or pages, of symbols. Use the arrow keys to underline the desired symbol, and then press “OK.” If you want to accent a letter, press the letter and then press the “Accent” button. Use the “Accent” button or the arrow keys to browse the available accent options, and then press “Enter” to select. If you mistake while entering text, press the “Bs” key to delete letters one at a time, or press the “Shift” key and the “Bs” key simultaneously to delete all text.

Label Format

The P-touch 1280 allows you to choose how the text appears on the label. Press the “Fn” key and use the arrow keys to select the desired label option. Then press “OK” to configure that option. Selecting the Size option automatically adjusts the size of the text to the width of the tape. Size options include Large, Medium and Small. The Width option adjusts the text width by enlarging the text to twice that of the normal size or by reducing it to half of normal size. The Style option allows you to change the style of the text by making it bold, shadowed, outlined, italic and vertical. The Underline/Frame option allows you to underline or frame the text, and the Tab setting allows you to adjust text alignment. Other options include setting the tab and label lengths, margin settings and automatic formatting for specific applications.

Label Printing

Before printing your labels, you may set certain print options. Press the “Fn” key and use the arrow keys to locate the Print Option menu. Then press “OK.” The Copies option allows you to select the number of copies, up to nine, that you would like to print at one time. The Mirror option prints a mirror image of the original text. The Numbering option allows you to print multiple copies of the same label text while increasing by one. This works well for printing serial or other sequential numbers. For example, if the original label text reads “878,” then you can automatically print “879” and “880” without re-entering text. When you're ready to print your label, press the “Print” button on the control panel of the Brother P-touch 1280. Press the tape cutter level to cut the label tape. Don't cut the label while the display reads “Print” or “Feed.” Doing so may damage the tape.