How to Fix Your Monarch 1110

By Rachel Moore

Updated September 26, 2017

The Monarch 1110 labeler places price stickers on store merchandise.
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The Monarch 1110 handheld labeler is used in grocery stores, clothing stores and other retailers. The Monarch 1110 has been in use since 1972. Although it’s known for its durability and dependability, you might encounter problems using the Monarch 1110. The manufacturer offers repair service with 24-hour turnaround. If you'd rather fix your Monarch 1110 yourself, here are some simple troubleshooting techniques to get it functioning again.

Lubricate the device with Monarch Lubricant 086989. Squeeze a drop on each side of the label chute. Place four drops on the backing paper. Spread the lubricant with your fingers. Proper lubrication prevents problems with feeding, adhesive buildup and tearing of backing paper.

Print 15 to 20 labels. If the Monarch 1110's printing is smeared or distorted, printing multiple labels will use up excess ink.

Apply pressure when squeezing the lever. There are times when the ink might be printing too light. The Monarch 1110 will produce more ink if you squeeze the lever harder.

Check the print location of the labels don’t feed. There’s a disk slot on each the side of the Monarch 1110. Place a small coin in the disk slot labeled "HOLD." Slowly turn the coin clockwise until it clicks. Print a label. Make sure the print location is correct. If not, repeat the process until the print location is corrected.

Items you will need

  • Monarch Lubricant 086989

  • Small coin