How to Update a TI-84 Plus

By Travis Vitale

Updated September 26, 2017

Updating the TI-84's operating system helps maintain your calculator's performance.
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A learning device capable of performing advanced scientific and mathematical functions, the TI-84 Plus from Texas Instruments is an update to the older TI-83 Plus graphing calculator. Apart from increased speed and memory, the TI-84 Plus includes a revamped operating system that offers enhanced data and application compatibility. To maintain your calculator’s performance, Texas Instruments offers occasional updates for the TI-84’s operating system, which can be installed by connecting the TI-84 Plus to your computer.

Install TI Connect to your computer. This can either be done by using the CD-ROM included with the TI-84 Plus or by downloading the software from Texas Instruments’ website.

Connect the TI-84 Plus to your computer using the mini-USB cable that came with the calculator. Firmly insert the small end of the cable into the link port located on top of the calculator. Insert the opposite end into the computer’s USB port.

Check the connection between both devices. Start TI Connect and choose the “Device Explorer” to search for connected devices. Once the TI-84 is discovered, select the “Tools” link from the Device Explorer window and select “TI OS Downloader.”

Select the type of calculator you wish to upgrade. Click on the “Next” button after choosing the calculator to be upgraded. Once a screen appears with a blinking cursor, select the “Start Download” option in TI Connect. There might be a slight delay while the update is in progress.

Unplug the TI-84 Plus from your computer after it shuts down. Power on the calculator to display the updated operating system.

Items you will need

  • TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

  • TI Connect software (included on the CD-ROM that comes with TI-84s)

  • Mini-USB cable (included with TI-84s)


You should occasionally back up the TI-84 Plus to prevent data loss. To perform a backup, select the “Backup” icon in TI Connect.


Do not connect the TI-84 Plus to your computer until TI Connect has been installed.

Never disconnect the TI-84 Plus during an update.